Your Next Giving Campaign Has Never Been Done Before

Change offers an API-first approach to charitable giving, allowing brands to create unique and creative giving campaigns with ease.

Charitable giving in America is surging and gives no indication of slowing down. 471 billion dollars were donated in the U.S. in 2019, an all-time high. Every day, more Americans gain social awareness and a sense of responsibility.

Until now, charitable giving has been boxed into pre-canned solutions.

Change wants to flip the script. With an API-first approach, brands are free to design any giving campaign they can think up.

If you can dream it, you can do it

🔗 Make your NFT marketplace carbon-neutral by donating carbon offsets with every transaction.

👾 At the end of each round in your video game, a donation is made to the winner’s charity of choice.

⭐️ Customers can spend your app’s rewards points on malaria nets.

An API-first approach means these ideas are no longer expensive or difficult to build. Getting started is easy. Our Donation API makes it simple to add donations to your platform. The Climate API allows you to easily offset your carbon footprint. You can be the first to give back in a creative and unique way that matches your brand’s ethos.

There is a whole universe of unrealized creative giving solutions. Change’s goal is to allow you to bring your most wild and creative ideas into reality.

Image credit: Ivonne Navarro via The Greats

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