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Crypto Heroes
How an NFT collection created their own charitable foundation on-chain.
Using the NFT Toolkit.

A dedicated Solana wallet for donations

Crypto Heroes is an NFT collection that donates 25% of its royalties to charity. They use Change to streamline donations every month to causes of their community’s choice. All donations are directed to a unique Change wallet dedicated to the project’s charitable efforts.

Donations that live in the smart contract

To instill trust, the NFT collection wanted to send donations after every sale in real-time. With Change, they set their foundation wallet as a royalty recipient directly in the smart contract. Now, their community can easily look up the foundation wallet and see a history of all donations on-chain.

Charities picked by the community

Crypto Heroes was created to support charitable initiatives and award members of their community. To engage NFT holders, the team selects one person every month to select the benefitting charity. With Change, the community has 200K+ vetted charities to choose from.