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How Change onboarded 200K nonprofits onto a fundraising platform in less than a week.
Using the Nonprofits API.

A community fundraising app

Generaize is a fundraising platform at the intersection of community and giving. They are focused on making it rewarding for donors to discover, follow, and support causes they care about directly from the Generaize mobile app.

Needed to onboard nonprofits fast

Shortly after launching, Generaize needed to expand its nonprofit network to meet donor interests. It was important to have a breadth of causes that aligned with the community’s values. Given recent growth, Generaize was looking for automated solution that would allow them to scale overnight.

So they used the Nonprofits API

In just a few days, Generaize started accepting donations for 200K new nonprofits. The causes spanned a range of categories including sustainability, social justice, and international relief. Change’s nonprofit data enhanced cause profiles by including website, location, and more.