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Make-A-Wish ®
How a global nonprofit started accepting cryptocurrency donations.
Using the Fundraising Forms.

A drop-in form for cryptocurrencies

With just a few lines of code, Make-A-Wish used Change to add a donation form for the most popular cryptocurrencies. All donations are first sent to a Donor-Advised fund where they’re converted to fiat. This allows Make-A-Wish to easily accept crypto without the daunting technical and accounting overhead.

Pay with Coinbase for ease and security

One of the most popular and well-known wallets in the world is Coinbase. To create a secure and seamless checkout experience, Make-A-Wish’s donation form supports a Pay with Coinbase payment option. This enables donors to sign in with a trusted wallet and donate crypto within seconds.

Compatible with Google Analytics

It’s important for Make-A-Wish to easily track checkout conversion statistics. With Change, they can automatically attribute ad clicks to completed crypto donations and follow donor journeys.