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How Change added on-chain donation royalties to the “Shopify for NFTs”
Using the Solana Toolkit.

NFTs that donate with every resale

Metaplex allows creators to launch branded storefronts for NFTs. They use Change to empower creators to support charities through their booming NFT sales. When a creator lists a new collection, they now have the option to donate a percentage of every resale.

200K+ Solana
wallets for charity

Metaplex integrated Change’s charity wallets to accept on-chain contributions in Solana. By building donations directly into the NFT smart contract, Metaplex streamlines contributions automatically and transparently upon every sale.

A community that builds with purpose

2K+ teams use Metaplex to share NFTs with their communities. As the ecosystem surged, more and more NFT collections wanted to redirect proceeds to important causes. Metaplex knew they had the potential to unlock a new world of recurring, charitable giving.