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How Change powers social impact campaigns at checkout without a single line of code.

Round up and
donate at checkout

With our Shopify app, storefronts can configure a campaign of their choice in just a few clicks. The most popular campaign is donation round-ups. With this campaign, customers are given the option to round up their order to the nearest dollar for charity.

Pledge a percentage of sale to charity

Every campaign is post-purchase, so it doesn’t add friction to checkout. With the donation rewards campaign, storefronts can pledge a percentage of the purchase or a fixed amount to charity. By making charitable contributions of their own, storefronts boost AOV and customer loyalty.

Match customer contributions

Storefronts can choose a nonprofit of their choice or select one of our featured nonprofits, allowing them to support new causes throughout the year. With the donation matching campaign, storefronts automatically match up to a certain amount of a customer’s donation.