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How Change introduced donations to a build-your-own gift box service.
Using the Donations API.

Virtual gifting
with a purpose

SnackMagic allows users to gift customizable snack boxes to employees and customers in just a few clicks. With Change, they added the ability to attach a personalized donation to every box. Now, users can easily craft mission-driven gifts that connect with their recipients' values.

Nonprofit logos for intuitive design

When customizing the donation, it’s important for SnackMagic’s users to easily recognize the nonprofit options. Change manages the licensing agreements on behalf of SnackMagic, so they can feature nonprofit logos without worrying about legal requirements.

Modern gifting
is personal

SnackMagic is pioneering a new era of gifting by focusing on customization. Their community wants to make gifting a personal and meaningful experience. Donations are an authentic way for users to create gift boxes that reflect their values, and more deeply connect with their recipients.