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Do you take a cut of my donation?

No, your entire donation goes directly to the end nonprofit.

The nonprofit I want to support isn't showing up. Now what?

If your search is not finding the nonprofit you want, please look up their exact name on Guidestar. If you still don't see the nonprofit of your choice, please email us at [email protected] and we can add it to our system!

How can I add CHANGE to my brand?

You can either integrate directly with through our APIs (check out our docs) or add our Shopify app to your Shopify store.

Where does the nonprofit data come from?

All nonprofit data comes from Guidestar, Forms 990, and the IRS.

How do nonprofits get the money?

Donations made via our partner brands are processed through Our Change Foundation. Nonprofits will receive donations from Our Change Foundation along with which brands donated.

What are cause marketing laws and what do I need to do to comply with them?

There may be laws around giving back and cause marketing that are specific to your state (if your business is based in the United States) or country. We are not your lawyers, so we recommend you reach out to a cause marketing attorney or consult a legal team to approve your charitable giving program.

In general, all donations made via our Donation API are made to Our Change Foundation. When you enable donations in your company, please state that all donations are going to Our Change Foundation. Funds are sent to the end nonprofit you choose at the end of the month and 100% of donations are sent to the end nonprofit.

Where is my donation receipt?

You will receive an invoice at the end of the month for our platform fees and the total amount you donated. Invoices are also accessible in the CHANGE dashboard. These invoices serve as your donation receipt.

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