Change for Nonprofits

Use Change to find new sources of vital funding and supercharge your corporate partnerships.
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Connect with corporate donors

Round up and donate at checkout

Empower consumers to make a difference with every purchase by rounding up to donate to your nonprofit at checkout.

Donations in loyalty programs

Creatively raise money for your nonprofit by converting loyalty points into impactful donations. Change integrates into companies' rewards programs.

Accept non-cash assets

Tap into modern donors by accepting donations in all forms, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, stocks – all without the hassle of accounting.
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Work with corporate partners to maximize impact

Make-a-Wish received a generous donation of $1 million from Snappy, a corporate gifting platform, thanks to the seamless integration provided by Change. The easy integration allowed for smooth communication between Snappy and Make-a-Wish, ensuring timely payouts. This collaboration demonstrates the power of technology in facilitating charitable giving and making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.
"As a nonprofit, we're always looking for more sustainable forms of funding to support our mission. Giving can fluctuate so much, but Change makes it easy for us to connect with new socially-conscious corporate partners and build long-lasting relationships."

Dara Wilk

Development Director

Engage a New Generation of Donors