Add donations to your Shopify store

Collect donations directly at checkout in your Shopify store with Change's fully-integrated donations & compliance platform.
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Add donations to your Shopify store

See Change in action

Companies use Change to increase conversion and connect with their customers in a more meaningful way.
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Use case:
Loyalty point donations
$25,000 donated to relief efforts
“Change has streamlined the process of matching donations to specific causes, and gives both Brex and our customers transparency into how the funds were allocated.”
Brex users supported relief efforts in Ukraine
Use case:
Gift card donation for a charity
$20,000 donated to 3 nonprofits
“With Change, we are seamlessly weaving opportunities to give back into our platform.”
Snappy supported earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria
Use case: 
Loyalty point donations
5 nonprofits added within 1 month
“Our customers get to pick a cause they care about when donating loyalty points, fostering a much deeper sense of brand loyalty and community."
Care/of builds customer loyalty by supporting nonprofits

Donations that work seamlessly with Shopify

Accept donations directly in your Shopify store
Streamline the entire donation lifecycle, from accepting donations to disbursement to the end nonprofit
Donate to over 1 million nonprofits
Track donation grants made over time & access monthly invoices in a single dashboard
Create positive social impact!
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Donations that work seamlessly with Shopify
Legal compliance for your Shopify donations

Legal compliance for your Shopify donations

Run a donations campaign without compromising legal compliance
Prevent unwanted fines and penalties with a foolproof cause marketing compliance system
Get a single source of truth for tax and financial reporting
Trust in a compliance solution for all types of businesses, including commercial co-venturers and professional fundraisers.
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Support a multitude of nonprofits

Benefit from regular nonprofit verification checks
Search for & donate to vetted, reputable charities
Avoid costly Guidestar API fees
Access crucial info like nonprofit mission statements and EINs
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Support a multitude of nonprofits

The easiest way to collect donations for nonprofits on Shopify

No matter the donation activation or campaign type, Change integrates into Shopify.

Custom nonprofit options

Rotate nonprofits in and out based on the season or on what your customers care about.

Low-risk tech integration

Consistently engage customers, both new and returning, without affecting your online checkout.

Top-notch compliance

Change is at the forefront of  emerging legislation – including the most recent law, California AB 488 – so you can rest assured that you are compliant with updated legislation.

How it works

step 1

Step 1

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step 2

Step 2

Choose your charities
Integrate directly into Shopify with our intuitive Donations API
Start accepting donations
step 3

Step 3

We manage your state compliance filings
Get tax and regulatory financial reports
Track your impact in the dashboard & share with the world!


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Legal fees
Variable / High
Transaction fees
Regulatory risk
Tax reporting
State reporting & filing
Nonprofit verification
Time to launch
< 30 days
60+ days

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Add donations to your Shopify store
Donate to over 1 million nonprofits
Build brand equity and checkout conversion
Assure legal compliance in every U.S. state

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