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Companies use Change to increase conversion and connect with their customers in a more meaningful way.
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Use case:
Loyalty point donations
$25,000 donated to relief efforts
“Change has streamlined the process of matching donations to specific causes, and gives both Brex and our customers transparency into how the funds were allocated.”
Brex users supported relief efforts in Ukraine
Use case:
Gift card donation for a charity
$20,000 donated to 3 nonprofits
“With Change, we are seamlessly weaving opportunities to give back into our platform.”
Snappy supported earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria
Use case: 
Loyalty point donations
5 nonprofits added within 1 month
“Our customers get to pick a cause they care about when donating loyalty points, fostering a much deeper sense of brand loyalty and community."
Care/of builds customer loyalty by supporting nonprofits

Easily enable customer-friendly donations

Donate directly to 1 million+ nonprofits
23% increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
18% increase in customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
19% increase in customer checkout conversion (CCV)
A simple, developer-friendly Donations API
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Easily enable customer-friendly donations
Assure compliance for your company's online donations

Assure compliance for your company's online donations

Cause marketing compliance system
100% of regulatory filings included
Prevent fines and penalties
Single source of truth for tax & financial reporting
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Step 2

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Step 3

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Get tax and regulatory financial reports


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Legal fees
Variable / High
Transaction fees
Regulatory risk
Tax reporting
State reporting & filing

Lokai uses Change to offset carbon emissions

Embed charitable giving at checkout
Enabled carbon offsets for purchases
Increase brand loyalty & customer sales
Made a positive environmental impact
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Lokai uses Change to offset carbon emissions

Take donations.
Be compliant.
Watch sales grow.

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