Change for Crypto

Launch charitable NFTs, donate cryptocurrency seamlessly.
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Make a lasting impact no matter the currency

Next-gen loyalty

Embed giving into your blockchain-based loyalty programs. Allow community members to transparently track all their donations.

Charitable NFTs

Connect with your community members in an entirely new way by launching an NFT collection that gives back.

Nonprofit partnerships

Work with your existing nonprofit partners in an innovative way, involving them in your web3 impact without managing the technical and accounting overhead.

Fisker used Change to launch a charitable NFT

Fisker, an electric vehicle company revolutionizing the automotive industry, used Change's crypto wallets to launch a charitable NFT in less than a month. By leveraging Solana's energy-efficient blockchain, they donated around $8,000 to the Ocean Conservancy and were able to support their ESG goals.

Why Change?

Explore innovative ways of donating to maximize impact.

Ease the regulatory burden

Streamline your giving process by offloading tasks like crypto conversions, regulatory agreements, nonprofit verification, and legal compliance.

Continuous donations, continuous impact

Enable repeated impact by donating NFT royalties to nonprofit crypto wallets instantly.

Innovating along with you

Change keeps a pulse on all the happenings in the crypto and Web3 worlds and releases new features and tools to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Ways to give with Change

Launch NFTs for good

Change manages 200K+ custodial wallets for the best nonprofits. All wallet addresses are permanent, so you can add a nonprofit royalty to the smart contract and easily donate a percentage of sales.

Raise crypto with drop-in donation forms

Embed fundraising forms directly on your site to raise crypto for causes you love. Limit the form to certain nonprofits, or allow your community to give to any organization on the Change platform.

Build with Change's wallet APIs

Integrate crypto donations into your dApp, Metaverse event, NFT marketplace, and more. Fetch permanent wallet addresses for any nonprofit and allow donors to support a cause of their choice.

Engage your Most Innovative Community Members