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Brands making Change

Porsche auctioned an exclusive design sketch Tradition and Vision as their first-ever NFT. They donated 100% of the proceeds, resulting in a 30.25 ETH donation to Viva con Agua.

Tradition and Vision
30.25 ETH

Artists making Change

Photographer Rizacan Kumas made a 9 ETH donation to the Malala Fund for his sale of Unrecognized Emotions on SuperRare.

Unrecognized Emotions

What people are saying

TY for joining us today @brycent_ and a HUGE TY to the team at @getchangehq for sharing their charitable vision for NFTs and what we can be looking forward to in collaboration with the @Metaplex Team. We'll be back in two weeks with more inspiring Friday Spaces.🦾 Our donation has been made to @GirlsWhoCode through @getchangehq via 💜 $200k / 1,111.11 SOL Mental health awareness is close to our hearts, serving as an important pillar in our overall mission to encourage authentic expression. We are excited to be donating a portion of the first drop to @AIMMentalHealth through @getchangehq’s amazing donation processing platform 🤝🖤 Thoroughly enjoying my coding afternoon! Working on integrating over 200k charities into @metaplex with the help of @getchangehq rn! Make your next collection count ✨ Use @getchangehq to support charities like AIM through your NFT sales NFTs are here to stay. While many have negative views of their impact on the Earth’s environment, our mission is to removal the impact entirely. ✅ Offset Carbon emissions ✅ Fund carbon removal ✅ Plant trees join us ❤️🌳 let’s set the example together. Looking to add a charitable component to your #solana NFT collection? @getchangehq makes it easy to donate a % of proceeds using Metaplex #solananfts #nonprofits #socialimpact
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