Weave social impact into the fabric of your business

Change makes launching social impact campaigns a no-brainer.
People holding up plants and giving a thumbs up
Join the shift away from the idea that businesses must choose between doing good and making a profit. Instead, by focusing on the intersection of economic success and social impact, businesses can drive positive change. It's a game-changing way of doing business that can truly improve the world.

Deepen customer relationships

After donating, 41% of Gen Z consumers look for monthly updates on the people they helped and how the funds were used. Enable customers to track their impact in the real world - from planting 10 trees to patient success stories.

Attract and engage customers

Embed giving directly where your customers are. Change integrates into any place you can spend a dollar, so it's the most flexible way to launch a giving campaign.

Respond quickly to key movements

60% of Gen Z give to a new cause when they see a pressing need or in response to a timely event. In times of crisis, make a difference and launch a giving campaign swiftly.

Consumer interest in social impact is rising

Consumers prefer to support companies that have a defined purpose

of millennials and Gen Z have stopped purchasing from brands that don't align with their values
of consumers say having a purpose is important for brands

The best in the business are weaving social impact into their growth strategies

of consumers globally prefer a business that takes CSR and environmental issues seriously
1 in 2
consumers is willing to buy more from a brand that drives positive environmental impact

It's time to create shared value

Discover the benefits of transforming your business with charitable giving