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Find nonprofits that align with your purpose

Looking for new nonprofits to support? Unsure where to start or how to find causes that will resonate with your audience? Change provides a wealth of charity information, including contact info, mission statements, verification checks, and recommended nonprofits on a regular basis.

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A nonprofit search with real results

Effortlessly find nonprofits aligned with your values and mission. Search for any U.S. government-recognized nonprofit in the Change dashboard by name, cause, or location. Find important charity information including links to social media accounts or websites, EIN tax numbers, form 990s, and more.

Act Swiftly

Create meaningful change year-round

Launch campaigns that align with seasonal holidays, one-off events, or urgent worldwide crises – making sure to resonate with your audience year-round in moments when it matters most.

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Track and share your impact

See tangible evidence of the impact generated by the funds your company has raised in the Impact Hub. From providing meals to families in need to supporting educational programs, the Impact Hub demonstrates the real-world difference made by each dollar raised, so you can see the positive change they are creating in communities.

A charity API for nonprofit information

From vetted nonprofits, to recommended causes to support, to tracking down filed 990 forms, Change delivers relevant and timely information via API.

Nonprofit verification checks

Change conducts thorough nonprofit verification checks, ensuring that the organizations listed on our platform are vetted, legitimate, and aligned with ethical practices. We consult the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate List and check for OFAC status before sending funds to any charity. This carefully vetted group of nonprofits totals over 1 million, giving companies the confidence to support only reputable organizations.

An API for nonprofit data

Use Change's charity API to stream nonprofit data directly in your application, like social media links, form 990 information, impact stats, and more. With one simple integration, all of this information will live directly in your platform!

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