Streamline donation payouts to any nonprofit

Incorporate charitable giving into any digital experience. Our easy-to-use platform and Donations API streamline the entire donation lifecycle so you can weave social impact into the fabric of your business.

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Securely disburse donation payouts to nonprofits

Ensure secure and cost-effective donation disbursements. Nonprofits have the option to connect their bank account for direct deposit (ACH) or their Stripe account so funds are received quickly and securely.

Change processes and sends payouts to recipient nonprofits within 3 to 7 days from when funds are received.


Track donation payouts for easy reporting

Establish a single, consolidated source of truth for donations and payouts. See a ledger of all donation grants made over time, access monthly invoices, and track the aggregated impact of your donations in one convenient place.

Donate to nonprofits like Black Girls Code and Trust for Public Land
target all of your personas

Supercharge sales with persona-based cause marketing

You have multiple customer make sure you're speaking to all of them! With Change, you have the freedom to offer multiple nonprofit options to all of your customer personas so that the cause they donate to is most aligned with their values.

Discover the benefits of our Donations API

Change's Donations API allows businesses to quickly spin up donation opportunities in their existing apps. Unlock the full potential of tech-first donation processing and maximize the value of your charitable initiatives.

Maintain your native look-and-feel

Don't compromise the continuity of your platform's user experience. Change integrates directly into existing checkout flows, loyalty programs, and online fundraising sites so users aren't sent to a random site that looks nothing like yours!

Innovating along with you

Change constantly releases new features and tools to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and giving trends, like crypto donations or other creative ways to fundraise.

We're here to help

Have questions about how to launch a great cause marketing campaign? Contact us at any time – we're more than happy to help you set up your next donation activation.

The easiest way to send donations to nonprofits at scale

No matter the donation activation or campaign type, Change integrates into your existing application.

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Custom nonprofit options

Rotate nonprofits in and out based on what your customers care about.

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Low-risk tech integration

Consistently engage customers, both new and returning, without affecting your online checkout.

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Top-notch compliance

Change is at the forefront of  emerging laws – including the most recent law, California AB 488 – so you can rest assured that you are compliant with updated legislation.

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Leading brands use Change

A donation platform for purpose-driven companies

Securely and quickly send critical funds to nonprofits across the country

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