Change for Professional Fundraisers

No matter the type of charitable Professional Fundraiser, operate in full compliance with our all-in-one solution. We work with companies that run:

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Designed for Professional Fundraisers

Launch charitable sweepstakes

Expand your fundraising reach and maximize impact by easily running campaigns in all 50 states.

Donate to any charity

Launch fundraisers for over 400k nonprofits and build strong relationships for campaigns to come.

Tech without the headaches

Get up and running without the hassle. Change's easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire fundraising lifecycle.


Foolproof compliance for Professional Fundraisers

Nonprofit registration checks
100% of filings included
Prevent fines and penalties
A single source of truth for financial reporting
Donation Management

Donation platform built for Professional Fundraisers

Access 400k+ fully vetted nonprofits
No restrictions on fundraising expense ratios
Track donation grants and disbursements
A single source of truth for financial reporting

Why Change?

Launch exciting fundraisers to support charities across the country.

Track impact without spreadsheets

Track donations in real-time and have full visibility into payout data with Change's modern dashboard. Send funds electronically and follow every dollar donated without the manual overhead.

Automated compliance via a donor-advised fund

With Change, businesses enter into a single regulatory agreement with Our Change Foundation, our partner donor-advised fund (DAF). Our Change Foundation is the nonprofit on record, streamlining regulatory agreements and nonprofit payouts so you can spend less time on state filings and more time on finding great causes to support.

Strenghthen nonprofit partnerships

Create long-lasting relationships with charities that you help. Give your nonprofit partners a real-time look into expected payout amounts and timing in the Change dashboard.


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Legal fees
Fixed / Low
Variable / High
Transaction fees
Regulatory risk
Tax reporting
State reporting & filing
Flexible fundraising expense ratios

How can Change help you?

Make a lasting social impact

Join the future of fundraising today with Change

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