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Gifting Platforms

Add 200K+ nonprofits into your gifting collections instantly.

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Elevate your gift collections by offering charitable options

Maintain customer loyalty

Connect with customers in a meaningful way by incorporating charitable options in gift collections.

Give the gift of choice

Offer gratifying, customizable gift options by letting recipients select a cause to support that's close to their heart.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Minimize your environmental impact by offering digital gift card options and carbon-neutral shipping.
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Snackmagic uses Change to personalize gift boxes

With Change, Snackmagic customers have the ability to attach a personalized donation to every box. Users can easily craft mission-driven gifts that align with their recipients' values.

Why Change?

Fuse philanthropy into gifting programs to increase loyalty - for both corporate and charitable gifting campaigns.

Easy to get started

Our easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire donation lifecycle, ensuring you can quickly add charitable giving into your collections.

Maintain your native look-and-feel

Don't compromise the continuity of your site experience. Change integrates directly into existing gifting flows so customers aren't sent to a random site that looks nothing like yours!

Access over 200K+ nonprofits

Change manages relationships with over 200K+ nonprofits, handling the regulatory agreements and nonprofit verification so you can spend less time on state filings and more time on finding great causes to support.

How leading brands use Change

Take your gift collections to the next level

Make giving effortless for maximum, worldwide impact