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Add donation options to your loyalty program and foster customer loyalty through charitable giving.

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Trusted by leading brands

Build customer loyalty by weaving purposeful rewards in your loyalty program

Win over new consumers

63% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to buy from a company that contributes to a social cause, and 83% of millennials want brands to align with theirs on values.

Preserve your program's economics

Create a giving campaign that makes sense for your business by highlighting the impact of each donation made.

Foster brand loyalty

Increase customer retention, engagement, and lifetime value by offering seamless donation options.

Care/of uses Change to increase brand loyalty

Care/of, a personalized wellness brand selling vitamins and supplements, uses its loyalty program to engage customers and incentivize a healthy daily routine. Using Change, they offer easy-to-understand rewards options like “redeem 500 points to carbon offset a shipment” to connect with their increasingly conscious customers.

"Adding donation options to our loyalty program was a clear-cut decision for [Care/of]. Thanks to Change's robust nonprofit community, our customers get to pick a cause they care about when donating loyalty points, fostering a much deeper sense of brand loyalty and community."

– Akash Shah, Co-Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer
Donate Care/of loyalty program points

Why Change?

Integrate donations into your loyalty program quickly, confidently, and securely. Start building brand loyalty today.

Give your customers the choice

Boost community engagement by letting customers pick which causes to support. Change partners with over 200K+ charities so donations can be personalized, incentivizing loyalty program usage and retention.

Maintain your native look-and-feel

Don't compromise the continuity of your site experience. Change's easy-to-implement API integrates directly into existing loyalty program flows so customers aren't sent to a random site that looks nothing like yours!

Showcase your impact

Create a public-facing impact tracker to showcase impact to your community. Change provides regular updates about the real-world impact you and your community are making.

Works with any loyalty program

From ecommerce rewards to fintech loyalty programs, Change works with any type of customer or brand loyalty program.

How leading brands use Change

Keep customers coming back for more

Reward your customers while supporting the causes they care about

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