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Use the Change Donations API to integrate giving directly into your app.
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How Change works

Change works anywhere

Built by devs, for devs. The Change Donations API is designed to integrate easily with your app, no matter the stack.
Change works anywhere

All-stack development

Change works with all frameworks and languages. Running a PHP stack? Or the latest JavaScript framework? No problem.

We scale with you

From your first test to your millionth production donation, we operate with 99.99%+ uptime to serve your app as it grows. View our SLA.

Test confidently

Love testing? We do too. Try out your integration with our sandbox environment before going to production.

How it works

Get started with Change in three easy steps
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Step 1

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step 2

Step 2

We manage all of your state filings and compliance
Get tax and financial reports
step 3

Step 3

Give back
Watch sales grow

We work the way you work

Change integrates with any and all ecommerce platforms & payment processors so you can easily add donation options to your site. With flexible APIs and quick payouts, integrating is a breeze.
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Discover how much you can save with Change. 

Streamline donation payouts to any nonprofit

Incorporate charitable giving into any digital experience. Our easy-to-use platform and Donations API streamline the entire donation lifecycle so you can weave social impact into the fabric of your business.
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Streamline donation payouts to any nonprofit

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