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Use the Change Donations API to integrate giving directly into your app.

Screenshot showing the total money raised by Brex for Ukraine relief efforts
"Using the Change API was super straightforward and the docs were extremely clear. Integrating with Change allowed us to automate our donation flow and save tons of manual effort."

John Wu

Senior Software Engineer

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Change works anywhere

Built by devs, for devs. The Change API is designed to integrate easily with your app, no matter the stack.

All-stack development

Change works with all frameworks and languages. Running a PHP stack? Or the latest JavaScript framework? No problem.

We scale with you

From your first test to your millionth production donation, we operate with 99.99%+ uptime to serve your app as it grows. View our SLA.

Test confidently

Love testing? We do too. Try out your integration with our sandbox environment before going to production.

Screenshot from the Zac Brown Band website showing a round up and donate example

Your checkout, your way

If you have a checkout, we won't make you alter it. You collect donations from your customers, and Change will send you the bill. Keep your existing payment processor integration - Stripe, Braintree, Wordpress, you name it.

Best docs in town

Get up and running quickly with our developer docs. Explore our recipes and discover how to integrate Change in your app.

Your favorite patterns

It's easy to make donations with our easy-to-learn REST API.


Follow along with our example integrations, complete with code samples.

Screenshot of the Change API docs

Ready to get started?

Start building charitable donation opportunities today

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