Change for Ecommerce

Fuse purpose into your brand. From charitable campaigns at checkout to donations in your loyalty program, we’ve got you covered.

Trusted by leading brands

Appeal to the next generation of shoppers

Increase customer retention

Leverage charitable giving and cause marketing as a way to attract and retain loyal customers.

Align with your shoppers' values

Studies show that millennials and Gen Z are less likely to support a brand that doesn't align with their values.

Build a brand with intention

Show (and prove) your commitment to making your business purpose-filled.

Lokai uses Change to offset carbon emissions

Lokai, a socially responsible lifestyle brand, partnered with Change to embed charitable giving into their loyalty program. Lokai's customers are able to carbon offset their purchases, leading to increased brand loyalty and a positive environmental impact.

“We wanted a way for our members to give back to the cause that means the most to their personal journey. Change allows us to give them control over their monthly donation, making their commitment to balance even more meaningful.”

– Steven Izen, Founder & CEO
Lokai carbon offset purchase

Why Change?

Ecommerce companies trust Change to process thousands of donations quickly and securely.

Easy to get started

Our easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire donation lifecycle, ensuring you can quickly add charitable giving into your platform. For those without a tech team: Change's Shopify app lets you configure a post-purchase giving campaign in just a few clicks.

Keep a pulse on what's happening

Change highlights accredited nonprofits for causes ranging from global movements to scheduled holidays. Plan ahead or swiftly respond to time-sensitive issues.

Innovating along with you

Change constantly releases new features and tools to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and giving trends, like crypto donations or other creative ways to fundraise.

Maintain your native look-and-feel

Don't compromise the continuity of the checkout experience. Change integrates directly into existing checkout flows so customers aren't sent to a random site that looks nothing like yours!

How leading brands use Change

Weave purpose into every commerce touchpoint

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with seamless donations