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Align with your customers and increase sales & customer lifetime value (LTV) while supporting a create cause.

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Integrates with any shopping cart

“We're thrilled to provide our customers with the opportunity to support organizations they feel passionately about and create an ecosystem around giving that feels organic and participatory.”

Natalie Browne Holmes
Community Impact Manager

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Adding donation options has never been easier.

Donate directly to 1M+ nonprofits
Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by 23%
Suitable for any ecommerce storefront
See customer checkout conversion increase by 19%
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Adding round-ups? You're a commercial co-venturer

Be compliant in all 50 states
Tried & true cause marketing compliance system
100% of regulatory filings included
Prevent fines and penalties
Single source of truth for tax & financial reporting
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How it works

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Step 2

Choose your charities
Start taking donations
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Step 3

We manage your state filings
Get tax and regulatory financial reports
Give back and watch sales grow!
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Legal fees
Fixed / Low
Variable / High
Transaction fees
Regulatory risk
Tax reporting
State reporting & filing

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