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Change for Fintech

Increase transaction activity and customer loyalty by incorporating charitable giving into your financial platform.

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Supercharge charitable giving

Enable donations

Weave purposeful rewards into your platform to consistently engage customers and build brand equity.

Attract the younger generation

Increase AUM and see higher transaction volume by incorporating social impact. 83% of millennials want brands to align with theirs on values.

Donate non-cash assets

Make a greater impact by accepting donations in all forms, including private shares, stock gifts, and cryptocurrency.

Power giving for every investor

Modern investors choose to make an impact with their wealth and prefer to manage their entire financial strategy in one place. Add more capabilities and attract the next generations to your financial platform by integrating donations of all kinds. Change connects businesses with over 1 million nonprofits.

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Why Change?

Utilize a modern donor-advised fund to power new user interactions, foster loyalty to your platform, and make a positive impact.

Harness the power of a donor-advised fund

Track donations in real-time, streamline donation receipts, and have full visibility into payout data with Change's dashboard. Send funds electronically and follow every dollar donated without the manual overhead. Our Change Foundation is our donor-advised fund (DAF) partner and acts as the nonprofit on record, streamlining your regulatory agreements and nonprofit payouts.

Incentivize user engagement

Encourage participation and gather feedback by offering donation rewards for completing surveys, testing a new feature, or engaging with your platform in other ways.

Maintain your native look-and-feel

Don't compromise the continuity of your site experience. Change's easy-to-implement API integrates directly into existing platforms so customers aren't sent to a random site that looks nothing like yours!

How leading brands use Change

Drive impact like never before

Build loyalty with your customers and make a tangible impact in the world

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