Brex gives back by offering donation options in loyalty program

Brex gives back by offering donation options in loyalty program

About Brex

Brex empowers the next generation of businesses with integrated corporate cards and spend management software. They make it easy for their customers to manage every aspect of spending and empower their employees to make better financial decisions from anywhere they live or work. Brex proudly serves tens of thousands of growing businesses, from early-stage startups to enterprise leaders. They launched a loyalty program in 2018.


Help relief efforts in Ukraine

It’s tough to stay on top of the latest trends, and even harder to know which organizations are providing valuable, on-the-ground support. When the war in Ukraine broke out, Brex was looking for a way to give back in a meaningful way. It was especially important for them to find a tech-first solution that would also engage Brex’s customers, hoping to foster a deeper sense of community. Scalability was also key for Brex, as they knew that they wanted to be able to support various nonprofits as time went by and new causes arose.

Solution & Results

Updated cause calendar & straightforward donation API

Crunched for time and anxious to help relief efforts in Ukraine, Brex turned to Change. Change provides easy access to over 200,000 vetted nonprofits and highlights topical causes directly in-platform. This enables companies like Brex to have a repository of impactful nonprofits at their fingertips so when a crisis or new topical cause arises, Brex will be ready to go with implementation. Thanks to Change’s easy-to-use API, Brex quickly added loyalty point donation options for Project Cure's Support UA Hospitals initiative which provides medical equipment, tactical medicine, and field surgery supplies to impacted regions in Ukraine. Over a period of a couple months, generous Brex loyalty members donated their loyalty points, which ultimately converted to over $25,000 to relief efforts. 

Months later, Brex decided to feature Code2040, a nonprofit that promotes leadership and full participation of Black and Latinx people in tech. Change provided the flexibility to make this switch without delay, so every cause Brex customers care about can easily be supported.

“Change has supercharged our ability to enable customers to redeem their points towards causes that they care about. Change has streamlined the process of matching donations to specific causes, and gives both Brex and our customers transparency into how the funds were allocated.”

David Mbau

Product Manager

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