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From sweepstakes to grassroots social campaigns, take a lead role in the next wave of creating social impact.

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Supercharge charitable fundraising

Launch charitable sweepstakes

Expand your fundraising reach and maximize impact by easily running sweepstakes in all 50 states.

Donate to any charity

Launch fundraisers for over 400,000 nonprofits and build strong relationships for campaigns to come.

Powered by Change

Build a robust fundraising platform without the headaches. Change's easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire fundraising lifecycle.

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Gated uses Change to donate to hundreds of causes

Gated helps busy professionals manage their email inboxes by directing unknown senders to donate to a good cause. With Change, Gated users can select their favorite nonprofit to support.

“The technology and partnership that Change provides to Gated means that our small team is able to achieve big things. And people can use Gated to make a difference in their inbox - and the world.”

– Melissa Moody, Chief Marketing Officer
Screenshot of a Gated fundraiser benefiting Doctors without Borders

Why Change?

Instantly send donations and track payouts to nonprofits across the country. Give your nonprofit partners a real-time look into expected payouts in the Change dashboard.

Track impact without spreadsheets

Track donations in real-time and have full visibility into payout data with Change's modern dashboard. Send funds electronically and follow every dollar donated without the manual overhead.

Automated compliance via a donor-advised fund

With Change, businesses enter into a single regulatory agreement with Our Change Foundation, our partner donor-advised fund (DAF). Our Change Foundation is the nonprofit on record, streamlining regulatory agreements and nonprofit payouts so you can spend less time on state filings and more time on finding great causes to support.

Innovating along with you

Change constantly releases new features and tools to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and giving trends, like crypto donations or other creative ways to fundraise.

How leading brands use Change

Make a lasting social impact

Join the future of fundraising today with Change

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