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“We're thrilled to partner with Change to provide our customers with the opportunity to support organizations they feel passionate about and create an ecosystem around giving that feels organic and participatory.”

Natalie Browne Holmes
Community Impact Manager

"Using the Change API was super straightforward and the docs were extremely clear. Integrating with Change allowed us to automate our donation flow and save tons of manual effort."

John Wu
Senior Software Engineer

"Change has changed the game for processing donations. We’ve been able to automate our reporting for the thousands of donations we receive, which saves me a ton of time. Because Omaze fundraises in all 50 U.S. states, we’ve been grateful to speed up some of these laborious processes."

Dean Davidson
Senior Accountant

Easily enable customer-friendly donations

Donate directly to 400k+ nonprofits
23% increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
18% increase in customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
19% increase in customer checkout conversion (CCV)
A simple, developer-friendly Donations API
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Compliance for professional fundraisers & CCVs

Professional Fundraiser-optimized compliance system
Be compliant with your cause marketing
100% of regulatory filings included
Prevent fines and penalties
Single source of truth for tax & financial reporting
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Nonprofit Info

Find nonprofits to support

Nonprofit verification checks
Search for & donate to vetted, reputable charities
Avoid costly Guidestar API fees
Access crucial info like nonprofit mission statements and EINs
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Are you a commercial co-venturer?

If you

Are a for-profit business
Solicit donations online for a nonprofit
Use that nonprofit's image, name, or cause in any marketing materials or at checkout

You are a commercial co-venturer and must register and regularly report compliance and data to multiple U.S. states.

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Comply with new legislation, like California AB 488

Demystify the complexities of California AB 488, the newest charity donation law, with our comprehensive guide. Learn what to look out for and how you can offload cumbersome state-by-state filings.

Take the free compliance assessment

Make charity donations your business' superpower

Save time and money

Simplify, automate, and enhance your donation campaigns, streamlining the process and reducing costs.

Drive innovation

Our platform moves at the speed of culture. We constantly release new features and tools to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and giving trends.

Build brand equity

Turn CSR and marketing campaigns into revenue-drivers. Offer consumers the option to give back, improving brand image and customer loyalty.

Build with Change

Our easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire donation lifecycle. We obsess over our docs to ensure you can quickly add charitable giving into your product.

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Test first with our sandbox

Deploy on Fridays without a worry thanks to our fully-featured sandbox environment.

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We scale with you

From your first test to your millionth production donation, we operate with 99.99%+ uptime to serve your app as it grows.

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Extensive API docs

Developers love integrating Change. Check out our robust API reference and guides.

Icon of a stack

Works with your stack

Change works with any architecture, from Remix to PHP.

Explore use cases

Book a demo with Change today

Assure legal compliance in every U.S. state
Increase customer loyalty
Partner with 400k+ nonprofits
Build brand equity and checkout conversion
Trusted by leading brands
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