The only social impact solution your business needs to thrive

Instant payouts to nonprofits, cutting-edge compliance, and seamless nonprofit verification in a single solution. Change enables companies to launch social impact campaigns for 200k+ charities, integrating anywhere you can spend a dollar.

Trusted by leading brands

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Streamline giving from start to finish

Incorporate giving experiences in no time. Our easy-to-use platform streamlines the entire donation lifecycle so you can increase customer loyalty, boost brand reputation, and drive sales.
With Change's easy-to-use APIs, companies are able to donate to over 200K nonprofits.
Streamline your giving process by offloading tasks like regulatory agreements, nonprofit verification, and legal compliance.
Change dashboard showing donations

Track donation analytics in the Change dashboard

Transparency is the name of the game. See a ledger of all donation grants made over time, access monthly invoices, and track the aggregated impact of your donations in one convenient place.
Dig into your data
Identify trends in giving to maximize customer loyalty
Real-time impact tracking
Easily summarize your giving in relatable terms

Share your impact to inspire social good

Magnify the impact you're making by sharing it with the world! Educate your community about the real impact their donation makes, and elevate your brand by showing that you're mission-driven.
Examples of Brex and Care/of supporting good causes with donations
Featured causes in the Change platform - Black History Month, Turkey & Syria earthquake, Women's History Month

Respond quickly to life-changing movements

Help is on the way! Discover new nonprofits featured on the Change platform. Change regularly spotlights causes that need urgent assistance, carefully vetting each and every nonprofit to ensure that only reputable organizations receive funds.

Simplify legal compliance & partner with over 200,000 charities

Without a solution like Change, companies are required to have an agreement with every single nonprofit, meet their donation minimums, and oversee the relationships with those nonprofits. Change works closely with Our Change Foundation, a US-registered 501(c)(3) public charity that specializes in grant-making and maintains state-by-state filings for each nonprofit. Due to this streamlined approach, companies receive a single, consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year.

Make donations your superpower

Save time and money

Simplify, automate, and enhance your donation campaigns, streamlining the process and reducing costs.

Drive innovation

Our platform moves at the speed of culture. We constantly release new features and tools to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and giving trends.

Build brand equity

Turn CSR and marketing campaigns into revenue-drivers. Offer consumers the option to give back, improving brand image and customer loyalty.

Build with Change

Our easy-to-use APIs streamline the entire donation lifecycle. We obsess over our docs to ensure you can quickly add charitable giving into your product.

Test first with our sandbox

Deploy on Fridays without a worry thanks to our fully-featured sandbox environment.

We scale with you

From your first test to your millionth production donation, we operate with 99.99%+ uptime to serve your app as it grows.

Extensive API docs

Developers love integrating Change. Check out our robust API reference and guides.

Works with your stack

Change works with any architecture, from Remix to PHP.

Explore use cases

Book a demo with Change today

Unlock the potential of your community

Build brand equity
Increase customer loyalty & retention
Partner with 200K+ nonprofits
Create positive social impact
Trusted by leading brands
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