Gated lets you support your nonprofit of choice when using email

Gated lets you support your nonprofit of choice when using email

About Gated

Gated is a free, intelligent email solution that reduces unwanted email and benefits charity by challenging unknown senders to donate to reach your inbox. It’s easy to use with any existing Google-based email address and reduces inbox volume by an average of 43% - making email inboxes more productive and peaceful.

Gated is built on the concept that charging unknown senders a small cost leads to better connections. In this case, that small cost is a donation to any nonprofit the user selects, a gesture that creates goodwill along with the email being sent.


Streamline regulatory burden and let users donate to any charity they want

Gated users are encouraged to personalize their donation page by selecting a nonprofit or cause they personally love and support. Because of this personalization at scale, Gated needed a streamlined way to approve and deliver donations to a large number of nonprofits.

Historically, it’s been difficult for companies like Gated to route donated funds to a multitude of nonprofits. Time and resources must be allocated to managing agreements with every single nonprofit, meeting nonprofit donation minimums, state-by-state filings, and – most importantly – distributing funds. It can also be costly and time-intensive to vet each nonprofit, making sure they are in good standing with the IRS.

Gated needed a tech solution to vet nonprofits, manage payouts, and handle the regulatory burden of donations.

Solution & Results

API integration leads to personalized nonprofit picks

After implementing Change’s API into their system and offloading the regulatory burdens to Change, Gated was able to confidently give their users control over where they’d like donations to go. Change handles the regulatory burden involved with donating to each nonprofit so Gated has more time to focus on product development, user acquisition, and building their brand. Because Change works closely with Our Change Foundation, a US-registered 501(c)(3) public charity, funds raised are distributed to the nonprofits that Gated users have selected. Working with Change has allowed Gated to give their users that personal choice.

“The technology and partnership that Change provides to Gated means that our small team is able to achieve big things. And people can use Gated to make a difference in their inbox - and the world.”

Melissa Moody


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