It’s time to ignite Generation Z

Isabela Reid
June 16, 2021

In the wake of Coronavirus, it has never been more important to call on Generation Z (Gen Z) to combat a mounting global crisis. Gen Z is the generation approximately born between 1997 and 2010, accounting for 32% of the global population ( Bloomberg). This amounts to ~2.5 billion people on Earth, surpassing the population size of both Baby Boomers and Millennials. Gen Z was born into a complex and digital world, cultivating a well-informed and proactive generation. Now known as “Philanthroteens”, Gen Z individuals can harness their digital aptitude and passion for world change to have an impact at scale.

Gen Z taps into the power of social media to increase community consciousness and make a sweeping, aggregate change. According to Cone’s CSR study, 81% of Gen Z believe that they can have an impact on social and environmental issues through social media. In an increasingly digital world, Gen Z’s voice is only becoming more influential. Videos using the hashtag #coronavirus are up to 14 billion total views on TikTok as of Thursday (3/19). Similarly, there have been over 100 million Twitter mentions of Coronavirus in the past seven days (3/11–3/18), and Gen Z accounts for approximately 50% of them. In turn, those mentions have resulted in over 500 million Twitter engagements. To put that in context, there are 330 million people in the United States. Gen Z’s online confidence leads to viral momentum, which can be harnessed for far-reaching social good.

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The power of the Gen Z donor is their willingness to be visible. On social media, an individual is just a point in a network of potential donors. Gen Z is quick to mobilize their online following and spark peer-driven action; unlike before, one donation can have a voice that influences thousands online. After the iconic Ice Bucket Challenge (wherein participants poured buckets of ice water over their head), the ALS website averaged 630,000 daily visitors — up 7,775% from their average (8,000 daily visitors). The ALS shared that the campaign raised $70.2 million from a total of 1.3 million donations. This is a drastic uptick from the $2.5 million in donations the year before during the same timeframe (July 29-August 24). Gen Z is not dreaming about changing the world, they are doing it.

Containing Coronavirus is time-sensitive, and Gen Z is the key to impactful change at a viral pace. As the modern world faces an unprecedented pandemic, we need to follow Gen Z’s lead. We recognize that powerful, sustainable change results from a wave of individual actions. That’s why we created Change. We team up with leading brands to empower you with donation rewards through everyday actions. We screen the best causes so every donated dollar is intentional and meaningful. Anyone can affect Change for others to see. As we navigate a constantly changing world, we can define a new era of impact, together.

Donate to CDC Coronavirus Relief Fund here.