March 6, 2023

Lokai: Empowering Customers to Make a Difference with Every Purchase

Lokai's Balance Club members now have the ability to select a charity of their choice, allowing them to donate 10% of their purchase.

Lokai, a socially responsible lifestyle brand, recently announced that Balance Club loyalty members can now select a charity of their choice for the first time ever as part of a membership perk. Lokai has chosen Change to be their donation processing partner, aiming to increase customer loyalty through social impact and personalization. 

New for members: select a charity of your choice

Lokai’s mission is all about finding balance and staying centered along life’s journey. This is clear in how their bracelets are designed: each one holds water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest points on Earth. 

As part of this journey to find and inspire balance – and to create the best customer experience possible – Lokai has added new charity options for its Balance Club members. Members now have the ability to choose a particular charity to which they can donate 10% of their purchase.  This flexibility granted to customers supports Lokai’s principles: to set intentions, create good habits, and find your balance. And, it helps customers feel more connected to a charity they are close to.

New Balance Club Membership benefit:Lokai donates $1 every month to the cause of your choice using Change
New Balance Club Membership benefit:
Lokai donates $1 every month to the cause of your choice

In addition, Balance Club Members receive several benefits like 20% off everything on, exclusive bracelet designs, the chance to swap the monthly bracelet for a bracelet of choice, or to skip until the next drop.

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How the Change + Lokai integration works

Lokai’s new charitable component is powered by Change’s easy-to-implement API. Change seamlessly integrates into Lokai’s checkout flow and membership portal, making it super easy for members to select their preferred charity. Change handles the regulatory burden and state-by-state filings on behalf of Lokai, which have historically been a hurdle for many companies hoping to give back. This frees up time for Lokai to dedicate to better serving their Balance Club members and crafting creative bracelet designs. With this new integration, Lokai’s charitable commitments can be realized on a regular basis, nestling their way into their customers’ typical (and expected) shopping habits.

“We wanted a way for our members to give back to the cause that means the most to their personal journey. Change allows us to give them control over their monthly donation, making their commitment to balance even more meaningful.” – Steven Izen, Founder & CEO, Lokai

Consumers like to support businesses that do good

For Lokai, fusing charitable giving for social impact with online shopping has always been integral to their mission, especially when targeting millennial and Gen Z consumers. In fact, 86% of consumers expect companies to take a stand on social issues, and 70% of millennials, who make up a significant portion of the consumer market, are more likely to buy from a company that supports social and environmental issues. Building and maintaining customer loyalty is always a challenge, but in the past few years, many companies are beginning to realize the power that integrating social impact into their loyalty programs can have. 

Some of Lokai’s best-selling bracelets are ones that support charities – like a bright orange Mental Health bracelet benefiting the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or a patterned blue-and-black bracelet benefiting the Humane Society of the United States. Lokai’s desire to make an impact – and empower their customers to do the same – further solidifies the need for an easy donation integration like this one with Change.

Change is excited about this partnership and looks forward to seeing the impact that Lokai and their customers have.

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