Care/of provides donation options in their loyalty program to connect with their customers

Care/of provides donation options in their loyalty program to connect with their customers

About Care/of

Care/of, a personalized wellness brand offering vitamins and supplements, uses its loyalty program to engage customers and incentivize a healthy daily routine. The more vitamins a customer takes, the more rewards they earn. Care/of’s community is centered around wellness and balance, so mission-driven rewards were a natural fit.


Connect with customers in a meaningful way to increase brand loyalty

Care/of has always been a thoughtful brand focused on sustainability and social impact. At the core, their customers want to do better by the world. In just a few weeks. They were searching for a new, refreshing way to show their commitment to social impact while simultaneously increasing participation of their loyalty program.

Solution & Results

Option to redeem loyalty points by donating to a nonprofit of choice

Using Change, Care/of added 5 nonprofit options to its loyalty program in under a month. They used easy-to-understand rewards options like “redeem 500 points to carbon offset a shipment” to connect with their increasingly conscious customers. Upon launch, Care/of generated over 1,000 donations. They were also able to boost community engagement and customer loyalty through these meaningful, personalized rewards that their customers really care about.

"Care/of is always looking for new ways to meaningfully connect with our customers, so adding donation options to our loyalty program was a clear-cut decision for us. Thanks to Change's robust nonprofit community, our customers get to pick a cause they care about when donating loyalty points, fostering a much deeper sense of brand loyalty and community."

Akash Shah

Co-Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer

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