Omaze streamlines nationwide sweepstakes

Omaze streamlines nationwide sweepstakes

About Omaze

Omaze is a social impact fundraising platform that offers participants the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and prizes to support nonprofits around the world. Omaze has tapped into the next generation of charitable donors by offering innovative experiences that benefit a good cause, so donors can feel confident that they are, indeed, making a difference. 

In an effort to find new, innovative ways to raise money for good causes, Omaze runs charitable online sweepstakes campaigns that benefit nonprofits like the Boys & Girls Club of America, the National Wildlife Federation, and Make-a-Wish. In exchange for donating, people enter for a chance to win prizes like a tropical vacation or a private performance from Jimmy Buffet. One of the more recent fundraisers benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and one lucky winner will receive a custom Mercedes Sprinter van. Omaze has raised more than $150M for causes to date.


Track thousands of donations to various nonprofits efficiently

Tracking donations and managing payouts to various nonprofits can be burdensome for companies like Omaze that are hoping to give back. Managing the regulatory burden and state-by-state filings has also historically been a hurdle for many companies, especially for high volumes of donations. Finding a streamlined way to track donations across multiple giving experiences is crucial to Omaze’s operations. They were also seeking a way to understand popular causes that their supporters care about in a streamlined way in order to help inform future campaigns.

Solution & Results

Automate reporting and save hours of manual work

Omaze chose to partner with Change to process donations for their charitable sweepstakes. Change centralizes and manages donation information like monthly donation totals and tax receipts so Omaze and nonprofits they work with, like St. Jude, are in total alignment, creating operational efficiencies across the board and freeing up time for Omaze to focus on what they do best: launching creative giving campaigns that make a far-reaching impact.

Change works closely with Our Change Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that handles the regulatory and legal side of donating for companies like Omaze, easing that barrier to entry, broadening the charitable landscape, and supercharging their impact. Tracking that impact is done in the Change dashboard, where companies can see top nonprofits their customers donated to, donation volumes over a period of time, and more. Knowing where consumers are choosing to donate their money helps influence future giving campaigns. With Change, Omaze was able to amplify their impact by granting donations efficiently to 10 impactful nonprofits.

"Change has changed the game for processing donations. We’ve been able to automate our reporting for the thousands of donations we receive, which saves me a ton of time. Because Omaze fundraises in all 50 U.S. states, we’ve been grateful to speed up some of these laborious processes."

Dean Davidson

Senior Accountant

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