Brex and Change join forces to amplify the power of charitable giving

Isabela Reid
March 15, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2023 -- Change, a technology platform that powers donations for social good, announces today that it is partnering with Brex, a corporate card and spend management solution, to power consistent charitable giving. Change seamlessly integrates into Brex's loyalty program, allowing Brex cardholders to donate unused loyalty points to causes in need. Brex will be incorporating charitable giving throughout the year by launching giving campaigns.

Change's powerful donation API will help Brex embed charitable giving seamlessly into their loyalty program. By offering donations as a redemption option for loyalty points, Brex will empower their customers to give back and make a positive impact. Change provides access to over 200,000 vetted nonprofits and highlights topical causes directly in-platform so companies like Brex have a repository of impactful nonprofits at their fingertips.

Loyalty points are converted to dollars at Brex's discretion and giving campaigns are displayed directly in the Brex dashboard where it's easily accessible for customers. Brex will be launching several giving campaigns in 2023, beginning with a campaign for Code2040, a nonprofit that promotes leadership and full participation of Black and Latinx people in tech. Change will power the technology behind these giving campaigns, bearing the payments and regulatory hurdles that often crop up when donating to a multitude of nonprofits.

Brex Rewards portal, supporting Code2040
"Change has supercharged our ability to enable customers to redeem their points towards causes that they care about. Change has streamlined the process of matching donations to specific causes, and gives both Brex and our customers transparency into how the funds were allocated."

– David Mbau, Product Manager at Brex

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Charitable giving has been a priority for Brex for a while now. In 2022, Brex responded swiftly to the crisis in Ukraine by launching a giving campaign for Project Cure's Support UA Hospitals initiative, which provides medical equipment, tactical medicine, and field surgery supplies to impacted regions. Through the donations raised by the Brex community, over $650,000 worth of medical supplies were able to be shipped expediently to areas most in need of aid.

"We can't wait to see the impact Brex and their customers make. We know people are hungry to make a real impact, especially when crises break out. It's amazing to see Brex incorporating and prioritizing social impact."

– Amar Shah, President & Co-Founder, Change

Source: PRNewswire